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PreSearch Background Services, Inc. has a long history of excellent customer service and exceptional screening practices. Presearch was founded in 1995, In Colorado Springs, CO.  In 2012 Wisconsin based screening Professionals purchased and moved the company to the beautiful state! It remains our mission at PreSearch to set a standard in the screening industry for years to come. We have run over 2 million background checks for churches, businesses, and other organizations. Our team works to provide clients with thorough background checks so you can be confident in the team of employees and volunteers you staff. With our advanced technology and access to unique criminal locators statewide and nationwide, we provide accuracy and clarity to background checks. PreSearch has expertise in all levels of legislation so that no details are missed.

We seek to provide organizations of all types with quality screening services. Our priority is to value the safety and growth of your organization. It is, and will continue to be, our mission at PreSearch to bring these services at the highest quality with the lowest price.