Featured Capabilities

Maximizing the efficiency of the background check process is our highest priority.

When it comes to this process, the words “Quick, Compliant, and Organized” should come to mind.

We at Presearch Inc. have taken the steps necessary to ensure your ability to fulfill these 3 requirements through the means of the following features.

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Form I9 Document Creation and Storage Solution

Why should your system’s offerings stop at the Background Screening Process? With our Form I9 Solution, you can both generate and store all current and previous employee’s Form I9s.

Drug Screening Solutions (Partnership with i3 drug screens)

Your company, large or small, can trust the fast, dependable employment screening services developed by i3screen. Using industry expertise and advanced technology, our innovative solutions will give your company the resources with the highest quality results it needs to implement screening practices that will enhance your applicant experience.

Custom Packages

More important than receiving accurate background screening results is the ability to specifically get the report that contains the information that you need. Along with our standard Background Report Packages, we allow customers to build their own reports, and then negotiate price based on the above screening statistics reports. We hope to bring you the most value per report in both information and cost.

Screening Statistics Reports

Information is key, and not just specific information regarding your applicant’s history. Presearch Inc.’s Screening Statistics reports allow you to see ratios pertaining to criminal hits, Positive Drug screening statistics, as well as Employment Verification Success rates, helping you to identify which recruiters are bringing in the best qualified applicants.