Wisconsin Caregiver History

WI DOJ Search

Many Wisconsin healthcare providers rely solely on a WI DOJ records search to make safe hiring decisions however a DOJ search alone is often not enough to make a safe hiring decisions.

Why? A WI DOJ search only covers in-state history.

Over 1/4th of current WI residence have lived out of state at some point in their lives. This means that out of state criminal history will not show up on your DOJ reports and could be putting your organization at risk.

Operate within compliance

Are you confident that your current screening process is fully compliant?

Do you know how to handle adverse action scenarios?

PreSearch is here to help. We have process’ in place to help your organization navigate through the confusing and changing area of consumer reporting compliance.

Complete and accurate background searches

PreSearch’s WI Caregiver Package covers all WI records (equivalent to a WI DOJ Search) plus all other counties of residence, in and out of state, at an easy to understand flat rate.

We also have easy to add searches at fair prices so that you can collect the background data you need to make confident HR decisions.

WI Caregiver*

$35/subject ($10/alias name)
SSN + Name Trace
Address History Trace
National Criminal Index
Sex Offender Registry
Identity Validation
WI Circuit Court System
WI DOJ Health and Human Services Caregiver
Additional Out of State County Criminal Records (if found in SSN Trace)

*package available only to verified Wisconsin organizations.