Wyoming Background Checks

Understanding Wyoming Background Checks (2023)

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Stunning scenery and striking natural beauty aside, Wyoming is a great place to do business due to its pro-industry stance and tax-free environment for corporations. If you live, work, and play in the Cowboy State, you’re probably already aware of this – but are you taking full advantage of human resources when hiring qualified employees or volunteers?  We’re talking about getting a background check in Wyoming.

Navigating background checks in Wyoming can be complex, but that’s where PreSearch comes in as your ally. We offer comprehensive, accurate, and timely pre-screening data, enabling your organization to make well-informed decisions about your workforce.  In an effort to help you avoid pre-screening pitfalls, this guide delves into the nuances of obtaining a Wyoming background check, understanding state-specific rules, federal laws, and more.

How PreSearch Can Assist with Background Check Services in Wyoming

If you want simple, seamless, and accurate pre-screening services, you need PreSearch Services for background checks.  We are an industry leader, supporting employers and volunteer administrators in the great state of Wyoming.  Our experienced team and innovative technology ensure you get the most comprehensive background check service possible. We deliver reliable information while complying with all state and federal laws, making your job of hiring the best-qualified individuals a breeze.

Understanding Background Checks

Background checks are essential because they protect employers and their businesses.  These checks also enable employers to evaluate an individual’s past behavior and potentially predict their future conduct.  When it comes to getting a background check, Wyoming employers typically want to view the criminal histories of candidates, as well as confirm past work and educational histories. This information is crucial for assessing a candidate’s viability in an employer’s workplace.

Navigating Wyoming’s Background Check Laws

Wyoming background checks require understanding and adhering to both state and federal regulations to avoid legal issues. Employers must comprehend each set of laws’ specific requirements and intricacies to avoid potential legal implications.

Wyoming Background Checks

Federal Laws on Employment Background Checks

Employers must adhere to federal laws to conduct background checks in Wyoming. Understanding key regulations before starting the process is crucial, as these federal laws must be followed along with state guidelines.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

This Act prohibits discrimination based on religion, sexual orientation, color, race, and other attributes. Employers in Wyoming must ensure that their background check process is free from discriminatory practices.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Wyoming employers are required to obtain written consent from candidates before conducting a background check. They must also follow the FCRA’s guidelines for adverse actions, which involve notifying the candidate if the information in their background report is being used against them in the hiring process.

Wyoming State Employment Background Check Laws

Wyoming has specific regulations that complement these federal laws:

General Compliance: Employers must comply with the FCRA and EEOC guidelines, ensuring that background checks are conducted fairly and without discrimination.

Wyoming Sealed Records Law: This law permits the sealing of certain criminal records, allowing affected individuals to legally claim no convictions. These records then become inaccessible, impacting what can be reported in a background check.

Drug and Clinical Testing: In Wyoming, if an employer decides to run drug or clinical tests as part of the background check, they are responsible for covering all associated costs.

Moreover, employers need to adhere to federal regulations that oversee the practice of pre-employment background checks.

Wyoming Background Checks

Types of Background Checks in Wyoming

Business owners and volunteer coordinators in Wyoming have various options regarding background checks. Here are some of the types of background checks available in the state:

Criminal Background Checks

A Wyoming criminal background check includes searches of national databases, county-level records, and statewide criminal records to provide a comprehensive view of an applicant’s criminal history.

Employment Background Checks

Looking into an applicant’s background confirms the accuracy of their education and work history. Employers use this process to ensure that the information about previous jobs is truthful and reliable, enabling them to make informed hiring decisions. This approach contributes to maintaining an efficient and trustworthy hiring process.

How to Get a Background Check in Wyoming

When it comes to getting background checks and screenings for trusted employees, choosing PreSearch is your best option. While state-based criminal checks are available, PreSearch offers a more comprehensive and convenient solution. Our straightforward process equips employers with the insights needed for intelligent hiring decisions.

Keep in mind that relying solely on the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation provides information limited to Wyoming. For a broader perspective covering other states or countries, along with crucial details like work history and education, PreSearch is the preferred choice.

A helpful tip: Taking the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for your HR team. Opting for professional background checks with PreSearch proves to be a more efficient and effective alternative.

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How Long Does a Wyoming Background Check Take?

The duration of a Wyoming background check varies. Doing background checks on your own can be time-consuming because it involves organizing, researching, and verifying crucial information. Professional services like PreSearch can provide quick and fast background checks – usually delivering results within a day or two, depending on the check depth required.

How Far Back Do Background Checks Go in Wyoming?

Under the FCRA, Wyoming background checks generally look back seven years, particularly for positions with salaries under $75,000. For higher-salaried positions, the lookback period can be longer.

What Shows Up on a Wyoming Background Check?

When it comes to getting a background check, Wyoming employers can rely on PreSearch to provide a comprehensive overview tailored to specific needs. This includes details such as:

Criminal Convictions: Wyoming background checks can reveal detailed information about an applicant’s criminal history. This typically includes searches of national databases, county-level records, and statewide criminal records. Information maintained by Wyoming counties and other states where the applicant resided is included. 

Pending Legal Matters: Apart from past convictions, background checks in Wyoming may also provide information on ongoing legal issues or cases. This helps employers understand if a potential hire is currently involved in legal proceedings that could affect their employment.

Arrests Resulting in Convictions: While not all arrests lead to convictions, those that do are typically reported in a background check. This information can give employers insight into the nature of the arrest and the subsequent legal outcome, helping them make more informed decisions about the applicant.

Drug Test Results: In Wyoming, drug testing laws are voluntary. Companies can opt to conduct drug testing, particularly if they wish to qualify for a discount on their workers’ compensation premiums. While there’s no mandate for all companies to comply with these laws, those that follow the set regulations for drug testing. This means that drug test results might be included in pre-screenings if the employer chooses to conduct such tests​​.

Educational Background: Verifying an applicant’s education can confirm the schools or universities attended by the applicant and the degrees obtained. This verification ensures the accuracy of educational claims and qualifications, which is particularly important for positions requiring specific educational backgrounds.

How Much Does a Background Check Cost in Wyoming?

If you go through the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation, a criminal history report costs between $15 – $25.  That might sound reasonable, but you must remember you’re only getting criminal activity that may have occurred in the state of WY.  

Alternatively, PreSearch combines affordability with unparalleled depth and accuracy. Our extensive database covers Wyoming and other states and international records, providing a holistic view of your applicant’s background. With PreSearch, you receive efficient results, often within a day or two, ensuring timely and informed hiring decisions. Don’t settle for less; choose PreSearch for the best-in-class background checks in Wyoming.

*a select number of states charge an additional, mandatory, county court fee in addition to our standard service fee.

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